Our Organic Products

We live and breathe organic. We invite you to taste the difference!

Organic Mustard Oil

Living up to our motto of healthy conscious living, Apni Jaivik kheti’s certified organic Kachi Ghani Mustard Oil, comes with natural benefits of mustard with highest quality intact in a glass bottle. Our mustard oil is good for your heart health and tastes good as well.

Organic Mustard Oil by Apni jaivik kheti
Organic Wheat Grain by Apni jaivik kheti

Organic Wheat Grain

Wheat is an essential part of our daily diet. Wheat Organic by Apni Jaivik kheti Food contains important B vitamins, several key minerals and dietary fiber. This atta made from whole wheat is a powerhouse of nutrients. Wheat Organic does not contain chemicals and preservatives. It is organic, as pure as it gets.

Organic Daliya

Wheat dalia is a treat for people who need protein rich diet. Made from handpicked wheat naturally processed keeping the nutrients intact. Daily intake cures ailments like blood pressure, constipation and diabetes. Dalia is very good for weight loss without the loss of energy. It is great source of proteins, vitamin B and fiber. Fiber promotes good digestion and improves body functioning.

Organic Daliya by Apni jaivik kheti
Organic vegetables by Apni jaivik kheti

Organic Vegetables

Organic vegetables for people who need pesticides free vegetables.


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